Banking and capital market law

Sebastian Kaufmann

Christian Rothfuß

Dr. Karsten S. Hohberg

Volker Kreft

Assets & commitments

This area of law is in a constant state of flux as a result of recent court decisions, European harmonisation of legislation and new laws. The BSKP lawyers, who have been working in this area for years, have considerable expertise in all areas of banking and capital market law.

BSKP represents banks, taking steps to enforce claims arising from loan agreements and loan securities, including legal enforcement and sale by court order. Our work includes pre-litigation consultancy and representation in all court and arbitration proceedings.

We advise and represent the interests of lenders, providers of collateral, providers of security, borrowers and underwriters during the lending commitment and at the repayment and realization stage.

Our lawyers’ interdisciplinary collaboration ensures that we assess issues that touch on a number of different legal areas competently, such as those that arise in conjunction with contract performance securities and performance bonds, as well as company law implications.

We can also help you enforce your claims relating to capital investments, whether you are a new investor or an injured party. Finally, we advise people setting up funds and capital investments on the production of sales prospectuses. For this we draw on the expertise of our auditing department.