Looking to the future – Our consultancy services are part of a complex, flexible system. We adapt to changes in the outside world and develop alternative strategies – for your benefit.

At BSKP we look ahead and plan the necessary steps, prepare thoroughly and implement measures in a well-thought-out manner. Our working methods combine the cool calculation and forceful action that distinguish experienced, successful strategists.

We attach great importance to transparency and fair prices. The members of our partnership provide their out-of-court services for an agreed fee based on the number of hours worked. Before we start, we provide detailed information about how long a job is likely to take and the applicable hourly rate. This means that our clients retain cost certainty and control.

We take our legal obligation to undertake continuing training seriously. The only way we can meet the challenges of our role is on the basis of constant continuing and further training. Our experts regularly take part in further training events. They also pass on their knowledge to others by giving presentations, teaching on training courses and writing for specialist publications. Many of these have been developed exclusively for our clients. You can find details of current events under Events (German only).